About Sam Barros and PowerLabs:


On this page you can find out more about the goals, ambitions, and purpose of PowerLabs: why it was created, what it stands for, and where it is going. You may also find out more about me, Sam Barros, the person who came up with it all, my resume, my education, my pictures and my awards. If there is anything else you would like to know, about myself or the page, do let me know


I am currently employed full time as a Research Engineer / Project Manager in the field of Alternative Fuels research. That said, if you feel you could use someone with my skills, as a consultant or for part time / full time employment, please download my Online Resume in MS Word format (updated September 2009), or see it online if you do not have Microsoft Word.

Read my essay relating my experience as an Engineering Co-Op at Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Plant here.

About PowerLabs and Its Sole Creator

About this homepage, and its author: Where the name PowerLabs came from; the very beginnings of making an amateur science page, the reasons for my work and this page, and an impersonal biography about myself, along with some photos. Updated May 2022.

Sam Barros

Founder of PowerLabs
Awards and Website Recognition

Sam Barros and PowerLabs On Television and on the News: Pictures, video clips, as well as magazine, newspaper and online articles collected over the years from my various spots on television and PowerLabs in the news (Updated May 2022).

Sam Barros’ Science Awards: an account of some of the science awards I have won, in Holland, Europe, and internationally; as well as some background on my education, TV, newspaper and magazine appearances, and awards PowerLabs has received. Updated May 2022.


Sam Barros pictures: a small collection of pictures of myself taken in different situations over the past 5 years or so (science fairs, clubs,  at the beach, at an army base, in museums, etc…). Here you will also find my martial arts / gymnastics video. I am a purple belt in Shotokan Karate-Do, and have done 6 years of Judo and 1 year of Gymnastics; some of my skills are demonstrated on the video. Eventually I hope to put up a gymnastics page.
New photos added September 2009

Sam Barros on Junkyard Wars

I participated on the TV show Junkyard Wars as a contestant. This page has my application video and some information about how I got in.


Sam and Lewis’ SandBoarding Page! Whoever said you couldn’t snowboard in July! My roommate and I put up this page when we realized that there was not enough information about sand boarding on the internet.


Model Planes: Some information, pictures and descriptions of my radio controlled model aero planes. Building model planes has thought me a lot about working with wood, plastics and small two stroke engines. I think it is an excellent hobby and I am happy that this page, albeit short, has encouraged many others to pursue this hobby themselves…

Sam Barros’ Fish Tanks: I keep exotic fishes as a hobby: my current pets include Amazon Piranhas and a fresh water Motoro stingray. This page is about my experiences keeping exotic fishes and some tips and books to help anyone interested in the hobby get started.