Pictures of Sam Barros and Friends

Things  My Subaru Impreza.I like:

Drinking some Champagne at the VIP lounge in "Funk", my favorite club in Chicago.Surfing in Maresias, Brazil.

Taking a jump with my snowboard at the Michigan Tech ski&snowboard hill.

Enjoying a sunny day in a hotel in Brasilia.Standing atop the frozen lake superior.
Me doing a one hand cartwheel.
Doing a standing back flip on the University gymnastics room.

My NEW Gymnastics / Martial Arts Sampler (1.5minutes, 15mB). Shows me performing numerous stunts such as backflips, back flips off walls, roundoffs, front tucks, handsprings, aerials, dive rolls, spin kicks, breaking 1″ pine boards, sparring with staff, etc. Definitely worth watching if you’re into martial arts or gymnastics! 02/20/2003
Sam and Lewis’ Gymnastics Falls video: When gymnastics goes terribly wrong: this is a video of mine and my friend’s worst falls trying to learn or perform gymnastics stunts. Fortunately we haven’t gotten hurt yet, but we did come pretty close..
Me Kicking Down Trees Doing Backflips off Walls

 Playing with (lots of) fire.

Playing with fire on 4th July.

 Helicopter-mounted gatling gun at an air force base in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

 Working out at the gymn...

Horse riding at my uncle's farm.

 Working at the nuclear power plant.

 Wearing radiation clothing inside the nuclear reactor drywell.

Inspecting a pump inside the plant.

 My Girlfriend (Every mad scientist needs a cute blonde:)

Abi posing.

At a formal dance.

Abi Dancing

At a formal dance.

Going for a dip at the Sturgeon River.

Looking under the hood...

 My Family and some of my closest friends:

 With my mom in the Boston museum of science and technology.Me and my sister at a club in Brazil.

Getting some sun with my sis by a small waterfall outside Brasilia, Brazil.

 With my mother and sister in a water park outside Brasilia, Brazil.

With my dad by the lake in Brasilia.

Getting ready to go out to a party with my sis.

New Years with my mom and sis.

 With my ex-girlfriend Tamara on a city park in Sao Paulo.

 Out in the woods shooting clay disks with my friend Mike.

Me and Slava, a fellow scientist, at his house.

Henrique, Gabriel, me, Matt; clubbing with my friends in Sao Paulo.Drinking with some friends in Brazil.

Making a toast with my friend Hugo.Hanging out with my friend Pamela.