PowerLabs General Science Experiments!


I have always been very interested in all sciences. Below you will find some of my work and research that does not fit directly under any of the other categories on this page:

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PowerLabs Cryogenics Research:

PowerLabs Cryogenics: Liquid nitrogen demos, Liquid Oxygen production, and lots of in-depth info on cryogens and their uses.
Cryogenics Demos Page! (Cryogenic videos available for download!)
PowerLabs Unwise Liquid Nitrogen Experiments Page! Liquid Nitrogen used as a pressurant for propelling objects with a cannon and the amazing Liquid Nitrogen pressure bomb!

PowerLabs Engine and Alternative Fuels Research:

Engine research: Promising alternative fuel research with Liquid Air as the fuel and the PowerLabs engine test bay and efficiency tests.

PowerLabs Cannon Research:

PowerLabs Cannon Research: From gas powered Tennis Ball cannons to a 50pound steel cannon firing a golf ball with the power of an Anti Aircraft gun!

PowerLabs Rocket Propulsion Experiments:

PowerLabs Rocket Research: hobby rockets, rocket powered cars and boats, experimental liquid and solid fueled rocket engines.

PowerLabs Exploding CD-Rom Experiments:

PowerLabs High Speed CD-Rom Experiments: Can a CD spin so fast that it literally flies apart? You bet! Watch videos of compact disks spinning at speeds in excess of 30000RPM and being launched across the room by centrifugal forces.

PowerLabs Turbocharger Turbine:

The PowerLabs Turbine: My ongoing efforts to convert a large turbocharger from a diesel truck into a self contained turbine engine that will hopefully power a hovercraft.

Relevant Links:

You can learn more about the topics above and see experiments dealing with similar principles at the pages below:
PowerLabs High Voltage Research: Tesla Coils, induction heating, can crushers, high voltage generators, and much more!
PowerLabs Electro Magnetic Weapons Research: Utilizing electricity to propel objects and generate high levels of electromagnetic energy.

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