PowerLabs Links!

Below you will find some links to my favorite sites:

Knowledge Base:

Electrical Engineering Training Series: Contains everything one needs to know in order to become an Electrical Engineer. Very extensive, but the topics are labeled and broken down into sub sections, which makes it easy to find the information you are looking for. Definitely recommended!
My Favorite Chemistry Site: Delights of Chemistry.

Related Commercial Sites:

Look here for the stuff you need to attempt some of the projects described at PowerLabs

Plans and Kits unlimited: Good place for buying magnets and electronic parts.

Ramsey Electronics: Tons of really neat kits and circuits, including a ready-to-run high voltage generator!

High Voltage & Tesla Coil Sites:


Another Coilgun Site
Powerful single and multiple stage desktop and portable coilguns. Featuring videos, construction design, circuit schematics, software support.

TCBUK: The Tesla Coil Builders of UK site. Several excellent pictures, videos, and reports of their 3 yearly teslathons.

VoltNet (Charles Brush’s Site): Certainly one of the very best on the Internet. Features large Tesla Coils, High Power Jacob’s Ladders, and some of the best humor I have seen (Cooking with high voltage, and Stress tests).

The Arcstarter Page! Pole Pig powered Tesla Coil, pneumatic corn cannon, and 25THOUSAND joule capacitor discharge experiments!!! Need I say more? Bill is the man!

Stefan’s Tesla Coil Page: Great Tesla Coil resources, with several projects, including the 1″ vitamini coil which inspired my own Mini Tesla Coil.

Hans Hochwald Pages: Excellent microwave oven experiment pages, Hans has probably tried just about every possible microwave oven experiment, and he discusses them on his page, with pictures and videos.

Cliveland: Clive Mitchell’s site; exploding smarties, fog machines, and some other neat stuff.

Miscellaneous Sites You Should See:

Discount hotels
Pigeon Forge hotels

Paul Schou’s page: One of my friends at Michigan Tech.
Inspira Art: This site was designed by my friend Zappa, who also made the theme of this webpage. It contains some very innovative and interesting artistic pieces.